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Stonehenge replica created with thousands of Lego bricks

By Beth Cruse

BBC Radio Wiltshire

A replica of Stonehenge is being made out of more than 400,000 Lego bricks.

Visitors to the World Heritage Site can book in to create their own piece of the stone circle, which will then be added to the huge 5ft-high (1.6 metre) sculpture.

Artists from professional Lego art company Brick Galleria are running the sessions at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre until Sunday, 4 June.

They claim it will be the biggest Lego sculpture of Stonehenge ever made.

Emily Corl, an artist from Brick Galleria, said: "We're not building it by ourselves. Everyone else is building upscale bricks that are going onto the model.

"So everyone participating is building Stonehenge, building history."

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Lego Brick Artist Emily Corl said it was a community effort to create the replica

The free Lego-building sessions are being offered for adults and children aged four and above.

Ms Corl said the bricks would be reused for another project afterwards.

"This will not be the only model these bricks are put into. We'll go out and build some other model with these exact same bricks," she said.

Kevin Hall, Founder of Brick Galleria, said: "We've spent the last two months, planning all this and designing it. We actually came to the stones two months ago.

"I created a smaller-scale model of it by hand. From that smaller model we're now building a larger version."

Emily said: "We're going to finish it on Sunday, then we'll leave it up for a week and then it's all going to come down.

"But we're hoping it's going to turn into something completely different - a castle, or an elephant or a train."

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