Iranian Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

An independent private Iranian think tank focusing on foreign policy. The aim of Madain is to produce top-notch research on issues which concern Iran and different regions of the world.

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Expert Spotlight

Implications of the Trans-Afghan Rail Corridor for Iran's Geo-economic Position in Central Asia

Introduction A geopolitical feature of Central Asian countries which is a chronic problem for them at the same time is their being "landlocked". This has incurred doubled or even tripled transit costs on these countries compared to their counterparts (with direct access to open seas). Against this backdrop, finding a way out of this situation […]
August 11, 2022


Our People

Madain's experts deliver impartial, rigorous analysis. They include established world-class strategists as well as the brightest young analysts.

Bardia Attaran

Bardia is a senior policy fellow at Madain. His topics of focus include Iran's foreign policy and Middle-East.

Ali Nazifpour

Ali Nazifpour is a PhD student of International Relations at the University of Tehran. He is an expert on the US domestic politics, especially focusing…

Mansour Barati

Mansour is a PhD student in Political Science at Tehran University. His topics of focus include Isreal foreign policy and wider middle east politics.

Sohrab Sadoddin

Sohrab Sadoddin has a PhD in European Studies from the University of Tehran and works as a researcher in European foreign policy. His research interests…

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