Outdoor sports facilities are set up as shelters in the towns hit the hardest, while a landslide warning was issued in several areas.

  • A man rescues a girl in Brazil (Social Media/Twitter)
    An army man rescues a girl in Brazil from the cyclone's flood on June 17, 2023 (Social Media/Brazilian Army Twitter)

As a result of an extra-tropical cyclone striking Brazil’s southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, authorities confirm that so far, 11 people have been killed. 

The cyclone storm resulted in torrential rains as helicopters were undergoing searches in neighborhoods flooded, where 20 missing people were found, according to the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

The town of Caraa, with a population of over 8,000 people, was one of the worst-hit areas. 

Deadly #Cyclone Hits Southern 🇧🇷

State authorities have confirmed 11 dead, as helicopter searches continue for at least 20 people missing.

24k residents have been rescued from the extra-tropical cyclone, which struck Brazil’s #RioGrandeDoSul state in the south of the country.… pic.twitter.com/ZsAc2TWwYB

— RT_India (@RT_India_news) June 18, 2023

Upon visiting the area, Rio Grande do Sul’s governor, Eduardo Leite, said: “The situation in Caraa deeply worries us. It is essential that we can, in an organized way, quickly map the main affected areas and identify the people who need support". 

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Leite confirmed that authorities carried out 2,400 rescues in the last two days.

Outdoor sports facilities were set up as shelters in the towns hit the hardest while a landslide warning was issued in several areas. “Our main objective at this first moment is to protect and save human lives. We are rescuing people who are stranded, locating missing people, and giving all the support to the families,” he stated.

O 19° Batalhão de Infantaria Motorizado, de São Leopoldo/RS, permanece trabalhando no apoio aos resgates. O município decretou estado de calamidade pública, devido aos alagamentos. Os militares ajudaram famílias nos bairros Campina, Feitoria, Santos Dumont e Vicentina. pic.twitter.com/qfdfnjcjAX

— Comando Militar do Sul (@CmdoCMS) June 17, 2023

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