Latest Developments

Gaza-based terrorists backed by Iran renewed cross-border rocket fire at Israel on May 10, sending residents to shelters in cities as far away as Tel Aviv. There was no immediate word of casualties, as Iron Dome interceptors shot down many rockets that were on course to strike residential areas. Local media aired footage of an interception just south of Tel Aviv. In parallel, Israeli forces, seeking to stem the salvoes, carried out preemptive strikes on silos where Islamic Jihad had positioned rockets for remote-activated launches. At least one Palestinian, apparently a terrorist preparing a silo, was killed.

The afternoon barrage followed Israel’s killing of three Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza on May 9 during strikes the Shin Bet intelligence service said aimed to degrade the Iranian-backed faction’s capabilities by preventing it from developing rocket capabilities in the West Bank as well.

Expert Analysis

“This outrage was only to be expected given Islamic Jihad’s rocket attacks on Israel last week and last month. Mercifully, much of the threat has so far been mitigated by Iron Dome and a scattershot quality to the salvoes indicating tactical setbacks for the terrorist group. It would appear that Israel’s strikes on Tuesday had a welcome decapitating effect.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“Islamic Jihad is a full-blown subsidiary of the mullahs in Tehran. Its purpose is violence. Islamic Jihad exists solely to take funding and carry out orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran.” — Enia Krivine, Senior Director of FDD’s Israel Program and National Security Network

Israel Kills Three Islamic Jihad Terror Chiefs in Gaza,” FDD Flash Brief

Iran-Backed West Bank Chaos,” by Joe Truzman

Why Palestinian Islamic Jihad Rockets Kill So Many Palestinians,” by Mark Dubowitz and Behnam Ben Taleblu

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