Lebanese drone shot down by the IDF.
IDF Spokesperson's UnitLebanese drone shot down by the IDF.

The drone was shot down near the Lebanese town of Zibqin; the Israel Defense Forces was not worried of an intelligence leak

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) drone fell Monday morning in Lebanese territory, during routine activity. The army spokesperson said there was no fear of a possible intelligence leak.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization reported, through a media channel affiliated with the group, that it shot down an Israeli drone that had entered Lebanese airspace. The statement, sent to Reuters, said the drone had been shot down near the southern town of Zibqin, in Lebanon.

The incident occurred at a time of relative calm on the Lebanese-Israeli border, which are technically in a state of war with each other. Israeli fighter jets and drones regularly fly over Lebanon.

Hezbollah, for its part, sent drones over Israel on several occasions in the past. On April 7, Israel announced that it had shot down a drone that had penetrated its territory from Lebanon, at a time when the Israeli-Lebanese front saw escalations.

In July 2022, the IDF announced that it had intercepted three unarmed drones sent by Hezbollah to the Karish offshore gas field in the eastern Mediterranean, prior to an agreement between the two neighboring countries on the distribution of offshore gas resources.

More recently, it was revealed that Hezbollah infiltrated Israel’s sovereign territory and set up a military position, with two tents and several armed men. The terror organization confirmed the report and stated it refused to vacate the area.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan demanded the United Nations Security Council condemn Hezbollah's illegal military outposts, noting that new constructions were built on Israeli territory in violation of Security Council resolutions.

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