A kind-hearted canine goes the extra mile to provide nourishment for a starving cat in Weifang, China.

What Ms Fu initially believed to be her dog using the bun as a lure to attack the cat turned out to be a sweet scene

What Ms Fu initially believed to be her dog using the bun as a lure to attack the cat turned out to (Image: Newsflash)

As shown in this endearing video that will make you pause and think, dogs and cats may coexist peacefully, contrary to popular belief. The heartwarming scene in the video shows a caring canine going above and beyond to give his starving feline mate food.

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The dog's owner, M Fu, was initially worried that her dog, Pudding, may act aggressively towards the cat.

Her concerns were quickly allayed, though, when she saw Pudding drop a meat bun in front of the cat in the courtyard of their house in Weifang, a city in China's eastern Shandong province.

The video was posted by Ms Fu on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. Pudding can be seen approaching a little cat next to the garden stairs in the video, wagging his tail.

Pudding looks at the meat bun patiently before turning to face the cat and encouragingly looking down at it.

The ginger cat keeps a watchful posture, keeping an eye on the dog until it is unable to resist the allure of the tempting food.

The dog, the cat's new friend, watches as it cautiously takes a timid bite of the bun and then quickly runs away up the stairs.

Ms Fu was astounded by the animal-to-animal kindness that her pet displayed.

She told Shanghai-based news outlet The Paper: "I caught the moment by chance. It happened in the courtyard outside our house.

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"I was working downstairs that day when I heard our dog barking at the top of the steps.

"When I looked over, I saw it going to its kennel to fetch its meat bun, then it barked again.

"That’s when I noticed the cat at the top of the steps. I thought it was going to use the bun as bait in order to catch or fight the cat.

"I never imagined what happened next – our dog gave the meat bun to the cat."

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    Daily Star reports that Ms Fu also revealed that she had welcomed Pudding to her family two years ago and it has lived in the courtyard ever since.

    Ms Fu said: "I was very touched by the moment, because our dog is a guard dog, and usually very protective of its food,

    "The cat was scared and wouldn’t come down the steps, so our dog stood back and kept its distance, allowing the cat to approach."