Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziad Al-Nakhalah insists on how the strength of the Resistance front is forcing the Israeli enemy to progressively advance toward doom.

  • Resistance driving 'Israel' toward its doom: Al-Nakhalah from Iran
    PIJ Secretary-General Ziad Al-Nakhalah with Iran's Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf (IRNA)

The leader of Islamic Jihad said on Saturday that the Iranian-backed Resistance front had become too powerful, forcing the Israeli enemy to progressively advance toward doom.

Palestinian leader Ziad Al-Nakhalah made the comments during a meeting with Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, on Saturday morning in Tehran.

Al-Nakhalah made a point during the conference that, prior to the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Islamic movements against the Israeli occupation had seen a string of setbacks.

Nevertheless, he said that after the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Umma (Nation) was awoken, and the Resistance was established based on a reliance on "God's traditions" and "people's might".

Al-Nakhalah added that the Resistance Front, which is supported and inspired by the Islamic Republic of Iran, has become too powerful at this point, forcing the Israeli enemy to gradually observe a trend toward destruction.

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In a recent five-day battle in Gaza between the Israeli enemy and the Palestinian Resistance group, he said, "The Palestinian Resistance Front was able to target many military sites in the Zionist regime in that battle and cause serious damages to their military equipment."

"Moreover, we have seen that the resistance in the West Bank has not stopped and we are still witnessing the continuation of the resistance in Jenin and other cities in that region," he added, highlighting that "the Zionist enemy is forced to deploy 60,000 soldiers to protect its settlements on the regime's borders with the West Bank, which signals an erosion process for the Zionist enemy."

He emphasized that the Islamic Resistance groups in Palestine are currently working together to fight their adversaries, having been inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

"Today, Palestine is the first point in the Resistance Front and the most important issue in the Islamic world," Ghalibaf, for his part, said in the meeting, adding, "God willing, we will see a stronger Resistance Front as compared to the past soon."

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