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As Ukraine’s counter-offensive continues, the authority of Vladimir Putin was undermined by a rift with the paramilitary Wagner Group. What does the dissent mean for Russia and the war?

Join our editors as they discuss the situation in the Kremlin, the West’s response and potential NATO security guarantees for Ukraine.

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Zanny Minton Beddoes


Zanny Minton Beddoes is the editor-in-chief of The Economist. Prior to this role, she was The Economist’s economics editor, overseeing the newspaper’s global economics coverage. Ms Minton Beddoes has written extensively about international financial issues including enlargement of the European Union, the future of the International Monetary Fund and economic reform in emerging economies. She has published in Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy, contributed chapters to several conference volumes and, in 1997, edited “Emerging Asia”, a book on the future of emerging-markets in Asia, published by the Asian Development Bank. In May 1998 she testified before Congress on the introduction of the euro.

Edward Carr

Deputy editor

Edward Carr is the deputy editor responsible for editorial. He works alongside the editor-in-chief to oversee The Economist‘s journalism. He joined as a science correspondent in 1987. After a series of jobs covering electronics, trade, energy and the environment, he moved to Paris to write about European business. In 2000, after a period as business editor, Mr. Carr left for the Financial Times, where he worked latterly as news editor. He returned to The Economist 2005 as Britain editor, then became business affairs editor for a number of years. He was foreign editor (2009-15) before taking up his current role.

Arkady Ostrovsky

Russia and eastern Europe editor

Arkady Ostrovsky is Russia and eastern Europe editor for The Economist. Prior to this role, he was the Moscow bureau chief for The Economist reporting on the annexation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine among many other subjects. He joined the paper in March 2007 after ten years with the Financial Times where he covered Russian politics and business, including the Yukos affair. His articles were among the first to warn of the resurgence of the security state under Putin. At The Economist, Arkady also writes about Russia-American relations, European security, Russia and China, Ukraine, Georgia and other former Soviet republics.

Shashank Joshi

Defence editor

Shashank Joshi is The Economist‘s defence editor. Prior to joining The Economist in 2018, he served as Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and Research Associate at Oxford University’s Changing Character of War Programme. He has published books on Iran’s nuclear programme and India’s armed forces, written for a wide range of newspapers and journals, and appeared regularly on radio and television. He holds degrees from Cambridge and Harvard, where he served as a Kennedy Scholar from Britain to the United States.

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